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 [SG] Welcome Guide

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Welcome to Stafford Castle
home of the Stafford Guard!

The site is broken down into easy sections so there's enough room for everything and it's easy to find. So you've just been recruited? Your first stop would be the...

Recruitment Centre

The Recruitment Centre is where new players should go and introduce themselves and get familiar with the layout of the forum, this give you an opportunity to say hey to all the other members and get a feel for it. It's open to all members!

The Recruitment Centre is also home to a number of Sub-forums accessible to all. They are as follows.

Administration Quarter
This is where you can go and see the Sergeant and what is avaliable for purchase under various schemes that will benefit any Guardsman. There will be offers on meat and equipment mostly. So if you need a weapon or a strength boost please make your way there.

Information Centre
Everything you need to know about the Stafford Guard will be found here! From what you need to do at each rank to rank requirements and current Action Points for each member.

[SG] Games
Well here's where we can finally have a little fun! We are in the process of starting up a number of games. (EDIT WHEN SET UP!)

Well here is where we question the Guard! lets find out any ideas you may have or any questions you might have about the Guard and the way it functions. Lets make it better!


Well the headquarters is the nerve centre of the Guard, where all the major planning goes on! Only the Captain, Sergeant and Petty Captain have acess to it. It's where all the major millitary work goes on, needless to say we have the occasional cigar and glass of fine brandy. Wink

High Command
The Captain, Sargeant and Petty Officers are allowed in here. It's where all the major planning goes on and the Monthly collection of stats are recorded. Also this is where we will be planning mass patrols and pursuits.

Campaign Room
See these old war movies with the room full of maps and little pushing sticks? Well thats basically here. We follow troop movements on maps and will give direction in times of war. Making any orders clear. This is open to the Captain, Sergeant and Petty Captains.

Captain's Office
Well here's where the magic happens! The Captain can write messages here and make plans. Basically it's his little space to go and think. Only he has access to this part of the forum.

Town Troops

The town troops area is where the day to day workings of the town soldiers are regulated and carried out. Only members of each particular town have access to thier Town Troop. It's only fair!

Petty Captain's Office
The Petty Captain has access to this area along with his Corporals and Troops (Knights, Squires, Billmen, Men-at-Arms, Levee Pikemen & Levees) this is where he can make plans for patrols and brief his (WIP)

Corporal's Office
Each of the Corporals and Lance-Corporals will have access to this as well as all the men under their command and those directly under the command of the Petty Captain. This area is used for any questions that the men may have and used to post orders and ask for stats reports.

Assembly Ground
Where the men can talk and where all promotions will be made excluding the rank of Knight. You can post here if you'll be away for a while and want your officer to know or if you request a transfer to another town or County.
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[SG] Welcome Guide
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