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 [SG] Soldiers' Handbook [V.1]

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[V.1] The Soldiers' Handbook

The soldiers handbook is everything you need to know about your rank and responsibilities within the Stafford Guard. It gives detailed and in-depth descriptions of what needs to be done, where and when. Best of luck soldier!

[1] Troops
[2] Corporals
[3] Petty Captains
[4] Sergeant
[5] Captain


Section [1] Troops

Who's a Troop?
Troops are the ranks that have not been assigned as Officers or Corporals. Thus Troops are Levees, Levee Pikemen, Men-at-Arms, Billmen, Squires and Knights.

Where do I post?
You should have access to your Town Troop's Assemby Area and Corporal's Office. Say for example I was a Levee from Derby; I should have access to Derby Troop's Assembly Area and Corporal's Office. Simple! You will also have access to all parts of the Recruitment Centre, look to the guide for details on what each area is for.

What do I do?
Well you're under the command of the Petty Captain and perhaps a Corporal. You'll be required to go on patrols and be asked to take part in RP's (if that's what you want to do). There are plenty of games and discussion to take part in in the Recruitment Area. Mostly Troops don't have much in terms of responsibility, so take it easy and help out your Corporal or Petty captain by keeping tight to his or her orders.

Do I get paid?
Sorry but not at the moment. During a war the wage will be 15 pounds a day, minimum. The Captain will negotiate the division of loot amongst the men who help retrieve it, but keep in mind this is only during wars. We are working on getting you all cheap meat, swords, shields and shafts as well as pay for patrol work.

Section [2] Corporals

Who's a Corporal?
Corporals are assigned by the Town's Petty Captain, and each are in command of a four-man squad as defined in the Organisation. Basically you're a respected member of the Town Troops and you're in charge of those men, but you still answer to the Petty Captain and his/her superiors.

Where do I post?
Well you are to post in the Corporal's office. Make a single post and that will be yours to give commands to your squad and for them to approach you about any issue. You will also have access to the Petty Captain's Office to receive orders and post the Monthly Stat Report. You will (as all players do) have access to the Recruitment Area and its sub-forums.

What do I do?
You'll be in charge of leading patrols with your group, so familiarize yourself with the travel menu! Seriously! You'll also be responsible for collecting the Monthly Stats Reports. Apart from that you need to help recruit! And to inform your Petty Captain of any new members.

What is the Monthly Stats Report?
Well this is really imperative to how the army will continue to run, so please find time to do it! And try to keep it on time, please. You must send the following Form to each member of your command and present it to your Petty Captain on the 1st of each month. I know it's boring, but it really has to be done!

Corporal wrote:

Equipment (Sword/Shield/Shaft):
Action Points this Month?

(Please say what and when)

So you should do it in advance so you get the results before or on the 1st of each month to be PM'd or posted in the Petty Captain's Office.

Section [3] Petty Captains

Who's a Petty Captain?
Well you should have been assigned as a Petty Captain by the acting Captain. You are now in command of all the men in your town! This position is vital and carries a lot of responsibility, yet it's very rewarding!

Where do I post & what do I do?
Where do you not post?!? Well you have access to the Assembly Ground of your town, your Corporals' Offices and your Petty Captain's Office.

As Petty Captain, you also have four men assigned to you, much like a Corporal, you should have an Office in the Corporals' Offices too. You will have to personally collect your four Troops Stats Forms each Month.

In the Assembly Grounds you can watch over your soldiers and see their progress.

In your Office you can arrange for patrols, brief your Corporals and collect the Monthly Stats Report. With the Monthly Stats Report you should collect it all together and deliver it to High Command.

High Command is where the Monthy Stats reports are gathered and Patrols and actions are discussed by the Captain, Sergeant and Petty Captains.

War! What do I do?
Relax! it won't happen that often. Yet when war breaks out the Campaign Room will open and your Captain will brief you. The Campaign map will clearly show you where you have to move and how long you have to do so. No worries! As a member of the High Command your tactical advice will be neccesary in making the moves that will determine the outcome of the conflict.

Section [4] Sergeant

Who is the Sergeant?
The Sergeant is elected from the Council and as such the person may change every two months. The Sergeant is in charge of the logistics and supply issues to do with the Guard.

Where do I post?
Most of your posting will be in the Administration Quarter. You'll be showing how many of each goods we have available and asking who would like some at the set price to be arranged between the Sergeant and acting Trade Minister and Sheriff.

You'll also have a slot as a Troop and follow the same basic guidelines. Except that you'll have access to the High Command and Campaign Room as one of the Senior Officers.

What do I do?
Talk with the Trade Minister and Sheriff and see about getting meat, shields, swords and shafts at good prices for our troops and in times of war you will be assigned as Paymaster.

It will be your job to make sure the Army is paid daily at an arranged rate set by the council. This can be in goods or in pounds.


Section [5] Captain

Who is the Captain?
I bet you wish it wasn't you! Well the Captain is the member of Council that has been assigned the Captain position. He is in charge of the Millitary and its organisation. Best of luck to him whoever he/she is!

Where do I post?
As Captain you have your Office to sit and write out plans and drafts. You have access to the High Command to assign patrols to your Petty Captains and to collect their Monthly Stats Reports and compile them. That way you can see how the men have advanced, you should then proceed to make any promotions necessary and assign new Petty Captains as necessary. Also to publicly award decorations in an appropriate RP manner.

You will also have access to the Campaign room in times of war and will be the lynchpin in deciding how the army should best work to defeat the enemy. Use your Petty Captains and their experience as best you can.

War is Declared!
It is up to you! to form the army in accordance with the War coding and lead them in battle. There is no excuse for not doing so! Remember to have your Petty Captains mobilize their Troops and the Sergeant to make sure the supplies are sufficient to last the duration of the Campaign.

Something unclear? Something Missing? Don't be afraid to PM Captain Valatan
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[SG] Soldiers' Handbook [V.1]
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