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 [SG] Barracks Set Up Guide

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PostSubject: [SG] Barracks Set Up Guide   [SG] Barracks Set Up Guide Icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2007 9:20 pm

For Petty Cpts' and Cpls'

[SG] Barracks Set Up Guide Cpls-1

  • The first announcement is where your petty Captain should keep a thread updated with which soldier is in which squad and who the Cpl of that squad is.

  • The second announcement is where the petty Cpt can leave orders/requests etc. for their Cpls' rather than cluttering up with new threads all the time.

  • Troop patrol summery is maintained by the first Cpl of each town, unless otherwise stated by the Petty Captain. This is where a summery of the patrols done by your troops are kept. In this format:

    Levee XX -- Lichfield to Derby -- 2 days -- 1 AP

    (AP = action point)

  • Action points is where one of the Cpls' will keep a post with a listing of all action points awarded.

    It is the Cpl's duty to award Patrol AP. Remembering it is 1 AP per two days of Travel.

  • Criminal listings is where i keep a list of all the criminals i know of...copied over from prosecutors threads etc.
    If a Petty Captain wishes to do something like this, assign either a Cpl or a soldier to maintain it, keeping record of "last seen" "rep" and any other information you think would be useful. This will help your troops to recognize seeing a criminal on their patrols.

How you set up your Cpls' offices is not enforced, this is a guide only. The topics listed above are strongly advised however.
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[SG] Barracks Set Up Guide
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